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Workforce Development
Level Two

Safety Compliance Solutions is a proud partner of NCCER. Together we are fully customizable, to your industry, & to the development of a safe and productive workforce.

Rough Terrain


(22.5 Hours) 

Covers the uses of forklifts on construction sites. Includes instructions for lifting, transporting, and placing various types of loads, as well as safety, operation, and maintenance procedures. 


Civil Drawings

(20 Hours)

Explains how to read site plans to calculate cut and fill requirements. Provides instruction and practice in interpreting both roadway and construction site drawings used for excavation and grading work.


Dump Trucks

(20 Hours)

Covers uses, inspection, startup, shutdown, operator maintenance, and operation of dump trucks used to carry loads on public highways. Includes operation of dump trucks in normal and emergency situations. 

Site Work


(20 Hours) 

Expands on information covered in Level 1 in relation to setting and interpreting grade stakes. Also provides information and instructions on controlling surface water and ground water on a job site, as well as the layout of foundations and laying of pipe. 



(17.5 Hours) 

Covers basic math skills required for site excavation work. Includes methods and practice in calculating the areas and volumes of various geometric shapes, as well as formulas and methods used to calculate cut and fill requirements on a job. 



(10 Hours)  

Describes soil classification systems and explains how shrink and swell factors affect equipment selection. Discusses how soil conditions affect equipment performance and explains techniques for working with various types of soils.



(22.5 Hours) 

Describes the many uses of skid steers and the attachments available for these machines. Covers safety practices, as well as inspection, startup, shutdown, and operation of skid steers. 



(17.5 Hours) 

Covers the uses of wheel and track loaders, as well as operator maintenance, loader safety, and operating procedures. Includes procedures for using loaders in excavation, grading, and demolition work. 



(17.5 Hours)

Describes the types of scrapers used in site preparation, as well as the safe practices associated with the operation of scrapers. Covers operator inspection and maintenance requirements, along with startup, shutdown, and operating techniques.

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