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Safety Services

An effective workplace safety plan includes, instructions and guidelines on how to identify hazards, how to report them, and how to deal with incidents. Our comprehensive OSHA consulting solutions can help construction companies prepare for inspections while keeping work environments as safe as possible for their employees.

OSHA Inspection Prep  

This OSHA consulting service will include an inspection of the workplace as well as the OSHA Compliance Package. We will conduct inspections of single or multi job-site facilities. Once the inspection has been conducted, we will advise on compliance issues and train supervisors on how inspections are conducted and the correct actions to take in the case of an inspection.

Mock OSHA Inspections 

Steer clear from large fines!!! We will take you through a live inspection and prepare you for what’s to come when your OSHA inspection happen to you. Not only will this process help you avoid potential penalties, but it will also provide crucial insights for keeping your employees safe as they perform essential tasks.

OSHA Consulting 

Be in the know! Awareness is a major key to success for an injury-free workplace!  Consider our services in OSHA Consulting, Compliant Program, and Inspections! Our OSHA consulting services will give you all of the tools necessary to avoid incidents, protecting your employees as well as the health of your company.

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